Parental Involvement


Parents must participate in the Parents as Partners Program, which requires them to spend 8 hours per month with their child in the classroom. This enables the parents to become invested in their child’s progress, learn how to implement the appropriate therapeutic practices, and develop a strong relationship with his/her child.  Jardín’s childcare staff models positive discipline and parenting skills as well as appropriate expectations and effective communication with the child.

As a part of the Parents as Partners Program, parents also attend monthly parenting sessions, receive progress reviews, and may have home visits from Jardín staff.  Parents as Partners gives parents the time and environment to foster positive interactions with their children and assist in their development. When parents actively participate in the classroom, they help their children learn and develop appropriately.


Parents are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their children and at the Jardin facility. As such, they are asked to work four hours per week at the center in a community service/volunteer capacity. This volunteer time may include assisting in the classroom, cleaning hallways and bathrooms, assisting with food service, and/or working on the Jardin grounds. Active participation by parents reassures their children that they are invested in improving their situation.


The Family Services Team at Jardin offers weekly parenting education sessions/classes on various topics that build important knowledge and skills to help lift our families out of homelessness. We offer classes in areas such as:

  • Life Skills: communication, decision making, building relationships, stress management, health & nutrition
  • Job Skills: time management, teamwork, resume writing, interviewing, dressing for success, the value of hard work
  • Money Management: financial literacy, finding affordable housing & food, budgeting, building assets, banking, savings & securing your money

We use progress reviews to track parents’ progress toward specified goals. Parent surveys conducted weekly, semi-annually, and annually allow us to gauge interest areas, measure success, and receive and give necessary feedback.